Saturday, February 19, 2011


SO, just to get things rolling. This is a pic of some stuff I got from Scrap, one of my favourite haunts. It is a veritable treasure trove for artists and the creative mind.
See those tubes of oil paint? they gotta be at least 11 yrs old. The company that made them, a New York based company closed in the late 90s. The founder, Leonard Bocour started Bocour Artists Colours in 1933 with his nephew Sam Golden. They were eventually responsible for the first commercially available acrylic paint ! Golden, later coming out of retirement at the age of 67 went on to start GOLDEN Artist Colors, the company still bears the name to this day! Total for this trip? $5 for 5 ish tubes of oil paint, a large glass sheet for a studio palette, 4 National Geo Mags, a pretty shell and 2 boxes of technical leads :)

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